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  1. Looking for a new set of std 1933/4 Pontiac 8 cyl piston rings or a source to buy them.
  2. Need a set of std rings for a 33, bore is 3 3/16 std. can anyone help or provide source.
  3. Are the Chiefton SD 6 cyl or 8 cyl? Anyone have any pricing on rough unrestored long storage SD's?
  4. locate the C shaped clip on the end of the axle, have someone push the brakedrum/hub on that side toward the center, pull that C shaped clip out an you can then pull the axle by tugging on the brakedrum/hub.
  5. Where can I buy a set of cam bearings for a 33 8. My master parts book shows the same bearings for a bunch of years.
  6. Need one or both headlight lens for a 33. Anyone know if they are the same as a 33 Chev?
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