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  1. Ten Years After or any Alvin lee solo stuff , Social Distortion , Ted Nugent , Old country(not the new horseshit) , Richard Thompson , etc
  2. you lucky bastard. I'm envious!
  3. I'd give ANYTHING to have my Margie of 40+ years back. She made home a place you wanted to be and made my life worth living! Great story Thank you!!!
  4. I have a 1952 Merc. totally original and have always kept it that way (except wear and items of course) The wheels are red.
  5. Thanks Frank and m-mman. That's what I had to do. When I removed the switch , voila!
  6. Thanks much Frank. This is the first time I've had to deal with something like this and don't want to cause unnecessary damage.
  7. Hey guys, I bought a new lock cylinder for my 1952 Merc. I need to know how to remove the old one first. I've looked in books and manuels from that era but can't find instructions for that. So when all else fails I call on the masters for their knowledge
  8. Curtis I have one just like it I picked up a few years back for ten bucks. I painted and lightly greased it. I use it sometimes
  9. Wow, you guys are tuff! Just kidding. Thank you everyone that replied, I learned some more. I really thought that was a stock item or option on the vehicle. I'll take nothing for granted from now on. I am going to take m-mman and Bloo's suggestion and hang it on the wall for a conversation(and warning) piece. Thank's again guys.
  10. I bought a 1952 Merc in original condition and am having the carb rebuilt. There is a riser between it and the manifold. I've never seen one like it and wonder if anyone else has. it looks to have some sort of adjustment screw on the front of it, that I have not touched. When I look down inside there are two little fans as you can see in the pictures. I don't know if this is a stock item or not. The few other people who have looked at it also had no idea. I think someone out there can tell me about it. I am curious and would like to know. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the info guys!
  12. Gronk


    I too tried JBweld and it has worked well for most applications. When it doesn't I use Locktite marine epoxy. hasn't failed me yet. Just follow the instuctions. 24 hrs min
  13. I now think you are probably right. Although the gas cap is vented.
  14. I have a 1952 Mercury 4dr Custom. I recently went through the fuel system from the carb back .She runs fine. When I removed the sending unit to peer into the tank as best I could with a lite all seems well . I noticed a tube in there that runs from the top of the tank, (best I could tell) to the drivers side where it exits and then runs up the inside of the rear fender and down again into the fuel tank . Does anybody know what this is for? It doesn't show or mention it in the manuel. Thanks in advance
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