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  1. Photo of another Cole at the Gilmore Collection my wife and I took 2-weeks ago on our visit. What an amazing collection!
  2. Well, solved the problem. There was a conflict between the tapped mounting holes on the Cardone 85120 Replacement wiper motor and the ANCO 6102 washer fluid pump. It appears the Cardone holes were off just a bit and would not allow the washer fluid pump to mount for proper alignment and allowed the cog to engage and let the pump spurt fluid. I drilled and tapped new holes and both now work as desired.
  3. I replaced my wiper motor with a Cardone 85120 Replacement. After this I discovered the washer fluid pump didn’t work. Replaced pump with an ANCO 6102. I also replaced the switch with a new switch from Cars Inc. The problem I now have is the pump will not turn off and spurts fluid as long as the wipers are running at low or high speed. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
  4. The horns on the 67’ Skylark I recently purchased wouldn’t work. Yesterday I removed them to try and order replacements. I couldn’t find any that really matched up. So I vacuumed them with a small wand then sprayed CRC Contact cleaner into the horns and rotated them to force the liquid into the core/center. I let them sit overnight, bench tested them and they both worked. Maybe this will work for someone else.
  5. My wife asked me! She has a good sense of humor. or maybe she didn't want to ruin our return trip to Virginia from the Gilmore Museum and the Sloan cars at a Mall in Flint
  6. My wife was using my phone yesterday while we were in the car and this e-mail from Megan 51popped up. She jokingly asked if my passion for old cars was a front for something else. Has anyone else received something like this?
  7. Yes amazing, I am still curious of how many 67 Skylarks were delivered with buckets seats.However, I have learned a great deal about the console and it's variations.
  8. Joe, The body tag indicates it was a two tone car, lower body Midnight blue (code “E”), top (code “C”) Arctic white. Assembled in Baltimore. I am the 3rd owner, 2nd owner had it for 29 years and painted it 27 years ago. After he painted it he decided he didn’t like the two tone look so repainted it blue. It was garage kept and covered since then. Everything appears to be original with minor surface rust on the underside and some pitting of the chrome. Typical maintenance items tires, belts, hoses, alternator and battery have been replaced. I was surprised that the spare tire has a matching ch
  9. How many 1967 Buick Skylarks were produced with bucket seats and center console! Recently bought one with bucket seats and have noticed most have split bench. Thanking anyone who knows in advance!
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