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  1. I have added a photo above with an arrow. In the picture of the manual, it’s the piece right by the “w” of screw. I have not found a spring yet..
  2. No I haven’t started to replace the lines. I wasn’t sure how many different sizes there were and how much of each size I’d need. Presuming the auto parts store carries these selections- and I just need to cut a sample off and go from there? Do you remember how much of each you replaced?
  3. I’m having a bit of a problem with my left headlight on my 68 Riv. They both come up and down fine, but when I shut the car off, after 6 seconds the left one slowly starts to slide down. I hate it in the parking lot! When I first got the car I sprayed WD-40 in quite a lot of places - and I’m pretty sure I sprayed the canister. I’ve cut the ends off to make a fresh start around the canister and tee area. My question is- since only one droops down, should I go to the hassle of replacing all vacuum lines? Aren’t they connected to the other light? What size vacuum lines should I buy? Thanks! ps @NC1968Riviera if you still have the firewall port for sale I can take that off your hands.
  4. Looking for the linkage spring and linkage... l shaped but that’s missing on my 68 riviera... yellow arrow is the part that’s missing, and the spring should be where the blue scribbles are.
  5. Along with the spring I’m also missing the linkage piece that connects to the door that makes it hot and cold... any parts out there for sale guys). In the picture of the manual, it’s the piece right by the “w” of screw. I have not found a spring yet..
  6. Mike, thanks for the blog! Very thorough! Do you have any recommendations on floor mats? I ordered some on eBay that were supposed to be custom fit for my 68, but they weren’t close. $160 but they had free returns. i initially wanted loop, but have possibly been steered to original type rubber. I can’t seem to track any down. Attached are the ones that didn’t fit. thanks! Jeff
  7. Gentlemen, I am missing a spring- the one in the picture attached. I can’t find a part number anywhere! Napa can’t help without a number.. I feel I need the spring to move forward in my search for the heat not coming on in the cabin. Thanks if you can help!
  8. 😂 I thought that old bag must’ve been the original?!! I guess the plastic original canister leaks... never seen a bag like that before.
  9. Thanks! I looked up the plate and it is original scarlet red colour. Here’s the engine bay I was talking about being a little rough. My 11 year old said his fave parts about the car were the wheels trim and the no air bags in front so he can ride up there!
  10. I have no reason to believe it’s not original... does the Vin tell you?
  11. My 68 Riv has some working lighter ports, but it won’t take a phone charger. Do I need to upgrade something so they can charge a device?
  12. My new to me 1968 Riviera. All original! Need to work on a/c and heat, tidy the engine bay up a bit. Washington Illinois