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  1. Afternoon every one. Just battled the frt end of my 64 Estate. With the sole use of hand tools.. I put a set of MOOG springs up front and the car came up which is good. Any help on a load + rear set would be appreciated. BTW I have a good set of 90 Fin drums ( still in spec). Thought they would be bolt on replacements for the 45 Fin drums on the car, as probably every but me knows, the 90 Fin drums have a deeper lip design and they would not fit.... Happy Mother's Day. EW
  2. Hey guys, Any suggestions for a good rear end shop in the Bay Area that can inspect/service the diff of my 64 Estate Wagon? Thanks in advance, EW
  3. Hey folks, Looking to get a good inspection and possible in car rebuild of the diff in my 64 Lesabre Estate Wagon. I am in San Jose, Ca, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Eric Wohlberg
  4. Afternoon everyone. I am new to this group and sadly not a Riv owner. But I do have a great 64 Estate Wagon and am trying to locate frt Shocks for it as I broke one this w/e. A good 10 yrs ago, I put a set of HD Shocks all around from rare Parts . Apparently their supplier was Cure Ride in PA. The part # is 737974. They are expensive $250.00 /set. I have been asking around and Race Car Dynamics indicated that Bilstein 55 R101 is listed for the old Buicks and I see that some people are running them on the Rivs. It looks like 1 guy has them on a 64 Wildcat.. (I run Bilstien on my old fastback and have been happy with the performance, better than the KYB's which I was running). Does anyone know if these would work on my Wagon? She is a big boned girl, not fat but just short for her weight.. Thanks in advance for any advice, Eric