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  1. You have to drill the plug that holds the key cylinder. Soak everything in WD40. Be better than me, don’t paint in your holes, and hopefully it will go back together easier!😊
  2. Thought I would show what I did and compare to my original dash. Tropical sand poly from TCP paint. I took a guess from their original color paint chips.. You never know the color until you spray it, it’s Tropical sand poly now!
  3. I’ve heard it’s better to put the harness wires in before the spark plug wires. If you have a newer 47 or 48 engine the tubes are bigger.
  4. I have around 4500.00 in parts and 4000.00 in labor. I have also done a lot of work myself. I started with a running engine with no cracks.
  5. Alan Whelihan at Vintage parts sells the correct one. It has a hole through it for oil and a little cone around it. You might consider replacing the bushing as well.
  6. Beautiful! Post some before pictures!😁
  7. Here’s a picture of my dashboard in the dip tank.
  8. That’s what I am after! What color is it and where can I get it?
  9. I am getting ready to paint my dash, window trim and steering column. What is the original color? It looks to be a pinkish light brown. Is there any close matches that come in a rattle can? What other good combinations go with Zephyr blue? Thank you!
  10. Thank you for posting this, you are right, there is a lot of basic information, but a lot of good advice. Besides, it’s nice to see all the pieces we’re familiar with on someone else’s bench! I have really enjoyed the videos!
  11. Chris will want your cores. I installed some front and back. They are nice!
  12. I have the first couple coats painted and my plan is to bolt my fenders on with the welting, spray flexible primer on the welting that shows, (I’m hoping they sell the primer in a can) then spray my final coats. I also need to install the rubber bumpers that hold the skirts. I got some new ones from Boos Herrel and they come with aluminum solid flush rivets. Do I need to buy a special tool? Thank you for your advice!
  13. The exhaust manifolds and oil pans are sold, so the price for the rest is now 800.00.
  14. Located ln Rainier OR, can ship all or part. The cast heads have been decked. I think the crank is 40 under. One aluminum head is in great shape, the other has a lot of corrosion. The blocks need a lot of work, one has cracks around 3 exhaust valve seats and needs sleeves, the other has cracks in the water jackets. One of the generators seems to be rebuilt. No water pumps or ignition parts. Only one intake and carburetor, only one set of exhaust manifolds. 1000.00 for all, call or text Paul at +15038306915 if interested.
  15. I bought wires from Chris at Boos Herrel, Jerry Richman also sells ignition parts. I started with the longest wires that have the most bends first. I pulled them with MiG wire smoothed with electrical tape. Some use Vaseline or Silicon lubricant. It’s also a good time to get a new engine harness wire and pull it through.
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