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  1. Great I.D. !! Now, is the subject car a 4-40 or 6-60? If this is a race, the 6-60 would make sense and the bonnet seems longer than the 4-40 in this video:
  2. This photo looks to have been taken atop Pipestone Pass east of Butte, MT. I wonder what event this was. One viewer believes the auto to be a 1908 Thomas Flyer. Is he correct?
  3. I've seen other photos of Worden during this period. No facial hair. I'm quite certain the beards are false and the get-up of the little guy on the right is a costume - an attempt at a duster? Maybe they were trying to look like a photo from back in 1905, or at least before Prohibition. BTW those little packages they are holding are miniature loaves of rye bread, samples perhaps or promotional giveaways for the new Wonder Bread!
  4. Interesting that the 1930 19" 8-lug wheel (second pictured) has a different hub shell cover (donut) than the 1929 20" 8-lug. All the '29 and '30 8-lug wheels and shell covers I've seen are identical except for the rim diameter. However, I note in the Service Parts Manual there were two different hub shell covers available for either 740 or 745, one 6-1/16" diameter (part 166331, same as 1929), the other 7-1/2" (part 177320). The wheels were apparently different as well, carrying different parts numbers. The pictured 1930 wheel with donut must be the one with the larger cover. I wonder
  5. The man in the middle owned a local store called Worden's. They are celebrating the end of Prohibition, hence the beer bottle cut-out. "Together again" refers to the old practice of serving free lunch at the bars - rye bread and beer go together! The car is evidently a 1905, but what?
  6. I've come across a pair of Senior Trippe Lights that have lenses that have, instead of the raised "Trippe Speedlight" lettering on the face, lettering that says simply "Spreadlight." The lens is the same diameter with the same vertical ribbed pattern, but does not have the top notch like the Speedlight glass does. On the edge are the words McKee Glass Company, Jeanette PA. My guess is they are a sort of "generic" replacement for the original lenses. Has anybody run across these?
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