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  1. Hello i just posted on another one of the forms on here about the extra long reach Champion #32 style spark plugs.

    If anyone is interested in either reproduction "depends on demand" or Plug adapters such as the attached pic please post or message back

    W - Adapter Champion 32 Spark Plug style.jpg

  2. I am not sure if there is much interest. But, I am in the process of possibly manufacturing a few options to replace the Champion #32 spark plug. Option 1 is to reproduce a close to identical plug. I have already detailed out an original early 1900’s plug. Unfortunately I would have to order a min of 500 pieces of the ceramics and I don’t know if there is enough demand for these long reach plugs to do that. My client that is requesting these plugs, is only in need of 4.  Kind of why I am posting here, as I am not sure if these plugs are in enough demand to produce a batch of 500. Option 2 is to make an adapter to use a modern long reach plug. I have already designed and produced 1 prototype adapter. The bottom of the ground electrode is at the same location as the original champion 32 plug. The top of the plug where the wire connects to the center electrode is about ½ inch shorter. The overall look of the plug and adapter looks very close to an original plug. The advantage of the adapter is replacement plugs can be purchased at almost any local auto parts store. If anyone is interested in either option, please let me know and post back or send me a message. I’ll attach a pic of Adapter with the plug.

    W - Adapter Champion32.jpg

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