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  1. I have the original back window frame and some of the material. The frame was wood held in place by some strips of burlap like is used for upholstery seats. The outside was a canvas with the rubberized paint and a lining was sewed on the inside. I toyed with the idea of putting the original back in ,but the top had been replaced in the 50's so I used that window instead.
  2. It is 1/16 thick. The top seal was difficult to install,it had a strip of cotton batting in it, the ends were folded over and not sewn. I used a couple drops of super glue to hold the corners, once installed the screws put enough pressure to hold it in place. I had a new heavy duty sewing machine but it was about at its limit, I wished many times I had my grandmothers old singer. Also I think I have to thank you for the great article on the 65-10 Marvel carb. It was through that article I stumbled onto this forum.
  3. I hope this will help, the visor slides over the top side iron ,and the cap and screw on the side hold the brace. The piece the visor is made from was 9 1/4 wide and 48 inches long. The flat part is 43 inches which is the distance on the outside of the window irons. It looks like 2 1/2 inch was bent at a 90 degree angle to provide the side support, and then cut at a tapered angle.The front of the visor has a "drip strip " across the 43 inches, must be for strength. It looks like it was welded on but it is absolutely seamless. Only wish I could do metal work like that. The back side of t
  4. I learned to drive in a '56 Buick, while looking on cl I ran across this Buick. I kept going back to the listing and made the call. It needed a top, interior and the paint was old cracked lacquer. Love at first site. The unusual bumper was installed by the first owner who had a patent on the design. I sewed a matching red seat and a new top, removed all the old paint and had a shop do some body work and paint.
  5. I bought this vehicle along with a 30 year collection of parts, it is now black over red after a year of disassembly and reassembly. Have the original bill of sale, and actual mile title as the 4th owner. It takes me several miles to coffee on Sunday mornings, weather permitting, it sits in my heated garage where I admire it everyday. The previous owner stopped by to take some pictures. Love driving this Buick.
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