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  1. Gents........most annoying thing to over come is the unibody... I have done 2 of the '63 Tempest cars that had the ridiculous trans/axle set up. Been long enuff now, 40 or more years, that I am foggy on the details. Probably figger it out if it were my car.....but at 80plus, I have stopped volunteering to do work for others.!!!!! I even had an aluminum front end for one of the Tempests, but wasnt the correct car.......it did find its way to the correct SD wagon. I doubt he is serious after noticing he bought a full set of the tiniest tires I have ever seen. This car has chromed headers (????) & motorcycle mufflers and '64 Ford pivoting bucket seats.......how many folks remember Fords pivoting buckets.???? Here is a pict. of my aluminum front end Catalina during the mid 2000s at Farmington NC. PJH
  2. Tenant bought a pretty good '63 Special, post, w/clutch pedal, floor shift, no signs of being a conversion. There is a 1971 455 engine available to him. As I understand it, this is the first year for unleaded gasoline engines. I know B-O-P shared a common bellhousing pattern, how about a Pontiac flywheel on a Buick engine.??? How about front springs.??? What is the degree of difficulty in this engine swap.??? PJH, Ohio