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  1. Here is the link to Best Offer Counts’ rebuild kit:
  2. i actually did see that. Was hoping it was a common spring that GM used on lots of cars and would be cheaper. Thank you!
  3. Drivers side just broke. Any source for these? Cars llc and OPGI don’t seem to carry
  4. Well, Tom (1965rivgs) sold me a pristine dash section, but when I went to put it it, it would not fit. It has a different mounting than my car and original dash section do, and it simply does not fit. In the pics the one with the vent diffuser installed is what Tom sold me, and the one without is my original. Tom is taking care of me with a refund, but I’m back to square one. Anyone else out there have a section for an AC equipped 1964? My original has a crack on the outside as well, so I’d rather not do the repair of the hinge mount.
  5. Any first hand experience with the dash pads from OPGI? Under $500...
  6. Mine were F60s for reference. They did look good on the car, but it’s a driver, so they are off now.
  7. Yep. Mine were made in 2006, so I took them off and and running 215/75 radials for now. Will be doing 17s or 18s down the pike.
  8. They were 2006 dated, so the tire shop wouldn’t touch them. I put on some 215/75s for now.
  9. We did join ROA, just got my card and sticker in the mail yesterday. I’ll cruise the website looking for some vendors since I don’t have a Riview yet.
  10. Anyone have a source for the dash light mounting bracket, lens with bezel? Does this look correct for the bracket? Any pics to help me look if you don't have a source?
  11. i think there market is people like me that love the look of the rallye, but want a larger diameter wheel for looks and handling purposes. This car here is what steered me away from boat tails and into 1st gens. It has 18” Circle Racing rallye replicas.
  12. Overkill as hell and I love it! I’m just doing a fused 6g for the 120 amp I got. Battery already has 4g on both ends (ground to power steering bracket, and pos to the junction block), and the started has something bigger than original as well. I’m putting new terminals on too. 🍻
  13. Thanks! I found this when searching for 10.260. They just used a strip of aluminum. I’m thinking to sandwich with 2 strips of thin sheet metal strips. I’ll see what I can find.