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  1. i don’t know the names, but both the silver and the blue are both corvette colors per the previous owner. He gave me a pint of each, but not labeled other than a drop on the lid
  2. Took her out today after a couple months down time fixing coolant, oil, and ps leaks.
  3. Pretty sure this one is a scam. It was on Craigslist list the many of the same pic in Remote British Columbia last year, and also in Arkansas, with the same pics and video, before that. The Arkansas post was the legit on, from a broker. I talked to him last year when we were looking.
  4. So after taking my water pump off, I discovered 2 broken bolts, one short one in the timing chain cover, and one long one into the block... so I’ve got gaskets and new hardware from Russ Martin, and a new roller timing set since I need to be in there anyways. I sent them a pic of my timing chain cover and he said it’s safe to reuse. I don’t think I do, but but just wanted to check with you guys. Do i need to drain the oil to take off the timing cover?
  5. Hazdaz, are you running the halos with your parking lights are on a separate switch? I found some good LEDs and put them in our parking lamps, and will do halos with a whole new wiring harness soon. I think I want them on the parking light switch, but not sure.
  6. Well, I’ve got a leak from my water pump seal out of no where... It’s RTV’d, not gasketed so it’s obviously been off before. My 64 has a new aluminum radiator and electric fan conversion as well. I think I’d rather just replace the pump since it’s the same amount of work. Since I’m in Las Vegas, and I plan on getting the factory AC back in operation, should I look at a Flowkooler, March Performance, or TA (it looks like they don’t make a high flow for 1st gens though) or just a 5 blade OE style? Also, I‘ll pull the timing cover and check everything in there. Oh, the joy of old cars!
  7. CARS, llc sells them. It has foil backed fiber insulation behind it as well.
  8. Some progress on the trunk, just waiting for my sub enclosure to arrive to finish it all up.
  9. Yeah, I just looked too. Built by Fox, and adjustable, but $$$. I will do the ride tech kit for sure if I do bags.
  10. I’m no stranger to dropping $ on quality suspension 😆. But I’m not planning on autocrossing the Rivi, and living in Vegas, I don’t need a corner carver either. The Jamco springs are definitely stiffer than the 55 year old stock springs that came out, and would benefit from more dampening for sure. I’ll check out the Delcos as well.
  11. Jamco sells a rear Bilstein that is spec’d for “lowered applications” which is actually less expensive than the stock application one. But Bilstein says their stock replacement is good for up to a 2” drop. Only 1 front option offered. I’m curious about the cheaper ($45 each) shocks that Jamco sells, not much info on their website. There is still a chance I may bag this car down the pike, but until then I want something better than these Autozone specials...
  12. Along with the quick ratio steering box and front end rebuild kit, we did 2” Jamco springs. They ride nice, and looks great. Previous owner put new shocks on, but they are cheap OESpectrum brand and are far from impressive. Bilsteins are up to over $600 a set now, which seems over kill for our use of this car as a cruiser/daily driver. Jamco makes shocks for about $45 each, anyone have experience with those? And I’ve see both good and bad mentioned about the cheap Monroe Sensatracs.