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  1. Thanks again you'll for the assistance. Cherio Harold
  2. Thank you Craig, That is definitely the engine that we have, and we did have Oaklands imported to Australia. Now at least I can research the rest of the story thank you all for helping with this mystery. Cheers Harold
  3. Thank you so much for your interest and help, I wasn't expecting that much instant assistance. more detail It is in Australia and so is right hand drive. The brakes are contracting bands front and back, the front suspension has some type of radius rod from the chassis to the top of the king pin so it was meant to drive well. The exhaust Manifold looks like a studebaker except it exits at the back and is on the wrong side. I have included more pictures. Many thanks for your interest. Harold
  4. WE bought this old engine and chassis for a garden ornament but the more I look at it the more I want to know what is is. The engine is almost all there and surely it could be made to go? Can anyone identify it for me. I'm leaning towards a studebaker but the exhaust seems to be the wrong way around? Regards Harold
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