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  1. Wow a big thanks for your explanation! I am not an originality freak where every screw has to be the correct one. Especially when changes make it a better car. But i have never bought a car in this price range so i just want to be sure if a want to sell it again i don’t get stuck with a car nobody appreciates. I live in the Netherlands so it’s hard to get parts over here. So for me it’s better to buy a finished car. I do like honest cars, i love patina on a car it build character of the car. So i like yours as well, really cool. And i like cars to be driven
  2. Thanks guys! It really looks nice right? Which parts are not original for this model?
  3. Thanks! it’s this car, what do you guys think? https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/buick/special/2298236.html
  4. Hi guys! Does anybody know how to decode this VIN number: 4E1077802 Thanks!
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