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  1. Very quick calculations done today with assistance from a guy that does already import vehicles to South Africa, If I buy a vehicle in the US at a price of $10000.00 all costs included to get to South Africa including duties etc the final price of the vehicle landed here will be about R360000.00 which would be about $24000.00 the exchange rate is a killer and to further injury it seems that the South African law states that a vehicle built before 1965 is exempt from right hand drive so a 65 would have to be converted to Right Hand Drive Back to the markets on line
  2. Good Morning Everyone and thank you for the advice I was sort of emotionally involved in this vehicle BUT all your points make very valid sense, I am going to persue the market place again. I am also today doing some research on the requirements on importing but the first thing that I checked is a letter of authority from our DMV to import a vehicle the LOA will require the vehicle details incl engine and chassis numbers it is not 100% guaranteed I will get the LOA and it takes up to 120 days... So during this 120days the seller will have to wait on me to make sure I get the LOA before sale can be finalized so it makes it very difficult already I am going to get some other costs in this morning
  3. Hi Jim the importing is not that big a deal and there are a few guys locally that can assist me with that BUT I am nervous to import as I wont get to personally see the vehicle or drive it before... the other issue is although we are allowed to legally import pre 66 left hookers the actual introduction on our local DMV is a little difficult and will be time consuming and costly... But maybe I will keep looking for something in the US as well locally there are very few of them... for the import costs tax duties and registering on our DMV I would have to get the vehicle at about $12000.00 for it to be on a similar cost to these that I have found
  4. Good Morning friends around the globe. I have been in the market for a few months for a Gen 1 Riviera, this type of vehicle in South Africa was never a big importer so looking has been surprisingly easier than I initially thought. I have found so far has been a 1963 in black I have not yet had the chance to take it for a drive as the guy selling is doing final work on the vehicle I also dont know if its the 401 or the 425 BUT I assume the 401 the vehicle as per plate is a 63 that should have been Desert Sand and the interior should have been Sandelwood white these items have changed the paint is a decent job and the interior also seems to be in a good redone state. This morning I was able to check out a 1965 the exterior condition looks about the same as the 63 it has also been respreayed from original colour but interior is all original the seats are good except driver seat has a single tear on a seam the wood veneer would need to be replaced but otherwise in a decent condition for a 54YO vehicle the optional extras are also pretty kitted with electric windows and seats power steering and aircon (not sure how much is working but the buttons are there) from what I can also tell this is a GS optioned vehicle but might be wrong here to. There is however only 1 major issue that I am hoping you can assist with the care is 1965 except the front grill and side lights are 63-64 my limited knowledge on these vehicles says there is 1 of 2 reasons 1. the vehicle was in a front end crash and the fenders and grill were changed 2. the mechanism for the clam shell lights stopped working and a replacement grill was easiest fix. if its option 1 then I will stay away from the vehicle but is it possible its no. 2 and if so are the fenders of the 65 diffferent to the 63-64 and is there a way to check and confirm. then I will over the next few years try get all parts together and return the vehicle to correct front end. Both cars are for sale for R300000.00 which is about $20322.00 as at today's exchange rate most of our vehicle market is determined by either UK or US depending on the vehicle in question and the cost to still import a vehicle. the 65' seller is still negotiable at that price. I have attached photos of both vehicles as well as body plates and what I can see as engine numbers on the 65 please give me some suggestions and ideas on these 2 please