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  1. I’ve looked through the ROA website, and saw a few that came out of a similar year Cadillac. Should that be the same model? I haven’t started making calls yet, just looking through listings.
  2. I’ve got it out and torn apart, but it’s obviously been replaced at some point, the inside doesn’t look the same.
  3. Any leads on where to purchase a new one? My internet search isn’t bringing up much.
  4. I haven’t seen anything in the manual yet about a procedure for parking adjustment, but I’ll look a bit closer, is there another name for the operation, maybe I should be searching under?
  5. They work perfectly when operating, but when turned off they park high. When you start them again, the go down first (to where they should park), and then operate normally, but then when you stop them, it stops in the same high place. So they “park”, just not in the right place. Sorry, I should have taken a video before pulling the motor.
  6. Hi all! I’m having issues with the wiper motor on my 65. They operate fine, but when shut off the park high (maybe 4”), or another way to look at it, is they go past park when operating. Anyone have any ideas, or seen this before?
  7. Again, thanks for the advice! My father grabbed a pair on eBay from Jim at BestOfferCounts in PA. So far work great! Now on to the windshield wiper motor!
  8. Thank you all so much! This forum is a great resource, and can’t wait to see my first issue in the mail. Got a pair on eBay, will update with results.
  9. Thanks seafoam65! One switch looks rebuildable, the other I’m not sure. The housing is pretty crushed. I’m new to the forum, pardon my ignorance, but is there a contact available for Gordon Wolfgang, and a rough idea of price? Thanks again!
  10. Hello! I’m at the very beginning of a 1965 build, and had a question regarding door jamb switches. I’m having an issue finding a replacement switch online, that takes the three wires. I read in a old post on here, that you can use diodes as a workaround, but am not sure what type of diode, or switch I should purchase. Any links would be greatly appreciated!