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  1. Check out the same link againI’ve added firewall, interior and inner door plate pictures. Rick
  2. Still available. Free to the right restorer.
  3. Hello everyone. New here. Spent Most of my life fooling around with early 30’s fords. Never thought Id be on a Packard forum. Rather long story. Sorry. My wife’s boss who has passed away years ago was a Packard fan who bought two Packards. An early 30’s model that was rare and the one in My possession. He ended up giving the early Packard to a museum. I understand. The Executive sat in a dirt floor barn for 40 yrs. It has both good problems and bad problems. I am not interested in restoring this car. But to respect the family I want the parts to go to go to good use. The bad. I would imagine the frame and floorboard has some rust issues. The top is seriously dented in and the whole front clip is missing. This includes the grille, hood and both front fenders. With the hood missing, the engine was exposed twine moisture which may have entered the engine because of a missing carburetor. The good. There’s a lot of good sheet metal left. Doors, rear fenders and trunk lid seem to be in fair shape. The chrome moldings on those pieces are all there. The interior although exposed to the elements is complete and all there. Finally. A good thing, has all the windows in it yet. Found an original sale brochure with sales cost hand written on it. Cool!!I believe that model may be one of the last true Packards made before they merged.I am not really interested in selling this for much . I am really more interested in having a restorer in the process of working on his car to make good use of these parts. Free to the right restorer. See link for more pictures. Thanks Rick. Guys this is real. It needs to go before the building damages it. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/just-a-test.1162018/