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  1. This site seems very difficult to maneuver around. I guess I am used to the HAMB. Anyway thanks for the welcomes and the nice autos I see here. I am on my way to Ryan's place.
  2. "cool modified 32" That 32 five window coupe belongs to me. It was built many years back by a man named Don Coleman. The car was bought by Neal East who was editor for Rod & Custom Magazine for some time. Neal drove the car all over the West coast and it became known as the Coleman Coupe. Neal sold the car to Richard Munz and after awhile he sold the car. To whom I do not know. I bought the car from a fellow HAMB member. It was in Alabama. Upon receiving the 32 I knew it would need to be freshened up. I took it mechanically all apart, leaving the body, interior and frame untouched. I did repair the front crossmember where it had been cut for radiator clearance. Since I have owned the Coupe it has been totally mechanically rebuilt. Including the 48 Merc Circle Track Flathead, 39 Transmission and 36 rear end including drive shaft. Again everything else, brakes, brake lines, wheel and master cylinder and shocks. I built all new exhaust for it routing it over the rear end. First time on this site and nice to see coverage of the Litchfield Hills show in Goshen. Would like to post more pictures. Not sure how!