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  1. I wonder what it would cost to ship me one, I would like to get them back in service, thanks for responding to my post
  2. Thanks Phil, I’m concerned that the white one has been without a hood for 10 yrs or longer, I don’t want another lawn ornament. Parts like the hood I have looked and haven’t had any luck finding one here on the east coast. The red one has all the batteries in it, but rust has taken over around the bottom of the car. I have restored a many of pickup trucks and older cars but I have never seen one of these, my son just bought a Tesla, but this is more like a golf cart than a modern car. I have always wanted to restore every vehicle I find but sometimes they have gone too far to restore.
  3. I have access to 2 of these can anyone help with parts availability and weather they are worth anything, batteries would cost $2,000. Or more Im new here have been restoring square body trucks, but ran across these and just want to find out if it would be worth my time to get them they have been setting outside for at least 10 years and one is missing a hood. Thanks
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