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1911 Buick Model 26 and 27

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  1. As I have noted on my Inventory List - I suspect the Roadster body is from a later year than 1911 or it may be a Model 32 Buick??
  2. I have over 100 pictures and detailed inventory list to describe this lot of 3 Buick projects - I hesitate to put that much on a site - when people are seriously interested I have emailed directly to them - that has worked well. Please just call or text 435-773-3126 and we can make arrangements. Thanks, Bryce Washington, Utah
  3. 1911 Buick – Unique Offering – three worthy projects in one lot – one Model 27 Touring chassis and body – one Model 26 Roadster chassis and body – one Model 27 Touring chassis no body – all three are 201 cubic inch 4”x4” engine, 3 speed sliding gear transmission, multiple disc oil bath clutch – mostly dis-assembled – prefer to sell as one lot but may separate as practical – detail inventory list and photos available via email upon request. Bryce Taylor 435-773-3126
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