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  1. Samsonized, I have a frame and all running gear for a 1914 Overland. Car was a touring but Overland made a speedster in 1914 and many have done this conversion. Engine spins freely but with good compression. Wheels look pretty good. Any interest?......Mark
  2. engineguy63, any interest in a 1914 Overland 79 Touring? A 35 HP car, much bigger than a T. We have one in good running condition........Mark
  3. Leslie, I have two 1914 Overland Touring cars model 79. One is a car in good running condition, but an older restoration. The other was a field car in 1972, stored inside ever since. Good basis for a speedster restoration project. Very complete, engine turns freely with good compression. Any interest?......Mark
  4. Would you consider a 1914 Overland 35 HP chassis & running gear?
  5. Matt, do you have any interest in a 1914 Overland model 79 Touring car? It's a good running car but an older restoration........Mark