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  1. Yes, the guy who was looking at the blocks is a reputed builder of older engines, and quite possibly this was the process he would use. (I guess I just call all metal repair "welding") Original block cracked between exhaust valves and water jacket, and much corrosion. Second block between #3 and #4 cylinders, first he thought this one was possible, but further inspection said no. I totally trust his diagnosis, as he is into keeping oldies on the road. Seems early 6 cyl. blocks here are less common than 4's, and the Standard 6 only ran 2 yrs production, 13 yrs or so for 4's. I have e few 4 cyl. blocks, spares for the '24 , it still runs orig. block, rebuilt. (Been in the family since 1932.) In no rush to swap out original gear, still have a few avenues to hopefully find an orig. engine/block. The 251 had been in boat, so needs a lot done for car use, was just looking at options. cheers
  2. Picked up the "later" Dodge engine today. Eng# prefix is T319. Puts it as a 251" (250) truck engine. 117 bhp. Canadian 25" block, (1953-55? Australian production trucks). Maybe a little much for the '28? cheers
  3. Thanks for that. Most spares I have are for my '24. Don't have much in the way of later 6 cyl. gear to change axles and trans etc. If he still has it, contact details much appreciated. cheers
  4. G'day from Australia. Have a Standard Six tourer, was getting engine rebuilt, block failed crack testing (source of over-heating problem). Second block looked better, but also cracked. (Crack too large for any welding attempt.) Mate has a later Dodge/Plymouth engine (50's?) he is donating, just to check possibilities of a swap. Haven't seen the motor yet, but would be guessing a 25" block, and maybe 218cu.in. Whatever it maybe, (picking up Friday), I realise fitting to car needs mods, but only looking at options at the moment. My main question is it- a/. possible with work. b/. not possible, to mate '28 trans to the later engines? Have read posts regard later engine to '33 trans, are there any differences that make the swap not doable? (DA block a possibility, still need front mods), not looking at later engine for speed, just driveability. cheers.