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  1. Steve, Thanks for your response, I look forward to any pictures or help you can offer. Do you have a price in mind for the Horn Ring and Cigar Lighter Knob? Reg
  2. I am the delighted owner in the UK of a fully restored 1957 88 Convertible but I am looking for a few parts which have so far been impossible to source. Firstly the car has always had the interior mirror missing. Having never had the mirror bracket and related fittings I cannot even identify the right one by picture. Obviously I would like to buy the mirror and bracket etc but any info like part no? Or some decent Images of the parts would be a great help. Also I am looking for a good restore able Horn Ring, mine is quite badly pitted, and finally a Cigar lighter Knob. I would love to hear from anyone who can help. Thanks Reg Wilcock
  3. Hi, I am in the UK, looking for Door locks and keys, Interior Mirror and mount Bracket for 1957 88 Convertible email if you can help Reg
  4. Looking for an Interior mirror Bracket (and Head if decent condition) Also small blanking plate for the dash that fits next to the Hood switch. Door Locks with keys. I am in the UK Thanks Reg
  5. Looking for Door locks with keys for 1957 88 Convertible or complete outer door handles, Chrome condition unimportant as I need the Locks / push buttons only. I am in the UK Thanks Reg