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  1. I have found a Bonnet emblem as well as the radiator cap, does anyone know if the Bonnet Mount is off a Willy’s Knight also?
  2. Oh thank you for that, this one is original, it was my uncle who passed away last year at 90, it was his fathers who drove luxury taxis, but for some reason the family thought is was a Buick, I don’t know if there would be many owners of Willy knights in Australia, it’s a pretty rare car, I’m thinking, if you know of anyone, it is original, my son cleaned it
  3. I have what I think is a 1923 Buick radiator cap, my uncle passed away last year and I cleaned out the garage, this belonged to his fathers car, he used to have a luxury car service back in the days, I have no idea of it value, maybe some one can give me an idea or put me into someone who is after one, thank you the item is in Australia 🇦🇺 my uncle lived in Wagga Wagga
  4. Hi I have a 1923 original radiator cap, my uncles father had a luxury car company back in the day and after the death of my uncles last year we found it in the garage with numerous car parts
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