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  1. Thanks for the advice. I understand it is a difficult time. Luckily so does the current owner. He has it in his private museum until I can arrange something. I can probably pick it up myself in May if I have to. Yesterday I picked up a vintage tractor in Illinois without problems. My friend is a state trooper and he says Wisconsin is not going to enforce any travel bans involving commerce at this time. It is interesting that interstate commerce is now being impacted by individual state rules. I am a physician and involved in Covid planning. We have only had 7 cases so far in our county and none serious enough to be hospitalized thank God. That being said, we are still planning for the worst. By the way Marty is is also posted as new topic, but I saw Jim’s postings and responded directly as well. Jim
  2. I need a car moved from Spokane WA to Sheboygan WI, brass car, no hurry given the virus restrictions.
  3. Brass era car running, need transport Spokane to Wisconsin.
  4. Need Model A Ford transported from Poughkeepsie, NY to Sheboygan Wisconsin. Car runs and drives. Could pick up in Midwest. No urgency.