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  1. 1934 Plymouth 4 door PF for sale I can email photos don’t know why I can’t download them here I’ve tried. No motor or transmission excellent condition. No bumpers windows or door handles inside and out. Car no rust or dents. Have front windshield no brackets. Email me and I will send photos. I will try to download again 8500 OBO no title.
  2. Looking for ash tray and Plymouth emblem on glove box with Plymouth sunrays
  3. Looking for 1934 tail lights trying to piece my car together
  4. Mines is centered on steering wheel where that one is mines has a hole for clock maybe then oval shape where maybe glove box. My cluster also is oval
  5. I have a 33 4 door sedan that I only have body number which is 609-8706 what can I learn from that? Also the tag on door was partial last numbers were 6663. Trying to find out what car I have. The instrument cluster is centered on steering wheel then there’s a hole that’s centered on dash then where what could be a glove box there’s a hole. HELP
  6. Trying to identify my car PC or PD my instrument panel is directly in front of steering wheel then center section has 4 holes then a round hole maybe for clock then where glove box is just a round hole. Not a glove box just oval like dash. Tried to load pic don't know why it didn't load
  7. Looking for headlight stands and rear tailights for 1933 Plymouth
  8. Looking for a 1933 Plymouth dash