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  1. Thanks again Restorer32, I will check it out and give you guys updates as soon as I am doing it. Rusty you are right. If it is not soaked in seal it will burn when you start the engine and then will leak. This could be a reason. Or something else. Point is, not it is leaking strong so I have to do SOMETHING. Best, Mike
  2. Hello Restorer32 did you pulled out the engine for that work? Thanks and best Mike
  3. Hey Edinmass, thank you I already bought one of those. It is Lisle PartNr. 27000, called Sneaky Pete
  4. Hey Mike, thanks for the info! I'll check that out. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I guess it is even less fun to pull a V8... Best Mike
  5. Hey Dennis, I am pretty sure my car doesn't have one or the other. I just ordered all the Gaskets. Will work on the car in two weeks, hope everything will arrive on time (I'm in Germany). Keep you guys updated then. Mike
  6. No prob, I got it from cadillacpartsltd, works fine.
  7. Hey Bloo, thanks for your reply. You are right. It is a two-piece rope seal I will recieve from Caddydaddy. I will go with and original one from BEST GASKET, not the one for a Mercedes (like in the CLC-forum). The Tool is Lisle, Partnumber 27000. I already ordered it. I think I'll have to put the oil pan away and then the bearing cap. It MIGHT work without getting the crankshaft out of the engine. If not, I also ordered the front gasket for the crankshaft. Best Mike
  8. Ah, and a pic to make it more interesting
  9. Hey guys, new to this Forum so: HELLO EVRYONE! There is no way around, my rear main seal gasket of my original 1941 Cadillac is leaking too much oil, I have to change it - and take the engine out therefore. The engine was overhauled last year, so I do not want to open up the engine. Do you have any advice like: 1. practical tools for replacing 2. tips while removing the engine, replacing the seal and put the engine in again 3. other things you would do when the engine is out 4. other information that might be useful for me 5. a place where I can find the origin
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