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  1. No rust on the body just 60 years of barn dirt. Interior is not too bad at least it's all complete. No street rod'in, all original.
  2. Would anyone know if the '48-'49 straight eight will bolt up to my '32 Buick model 68 without too much trouble? Thank you, Bob Stanley
  3. Looking for a good set of 1932 Buick wire wheels for model 68, 18" x 5 lug on 6" centers. Thanks, Bob Stanley
  4. Hello; do you know if this '48-'49 motor will bolt-up to a '32 model 68? Thanks, Bob Stanley
  5. Looking for a good set of wire wheels for Buick 1932 60 series, 18" with 6" centers x 5 lug. Thanks, Bob Stanley
  6. Hello Kevin: Interested in all the parts that you have. I'm fixing up a '32 victoria and need some better wire wheels and spare parts. Are the wheels 18" 5 lug and 6" centers? Give a call Bob Stanley Middleburg, Pa. 570-837-5134 or 717-497-0101 cell Thanks
  7. Available is a, good to restore, grille for 1929 Buick. No cracks or damage, has some light surface rust where the chrome is coming off. There is no heavy pitting, this grille will re-chrome just fine. $255.00 plus shipping from central Pa. Bob Stanley 717-497-0101
  8. Hello: Any chance he might have the original 18" wire wheels? Thanks for checking Bob Stanley
  9. Hi Chuck: The wheels that I'm looking for would be for an 18" tire with 6" bolt pattern and 5 lugs. Are these wheels rusted and pitted, can you forward a picture? Thanks, Bob Stanley
  10. Looking for good restorable 18" Buick wire wheels. Also in need of a good grille for Buick 1932 Victoria. Thank you, Bob Stanley, Middleburg, Pa. 17842 570-837-5134 cell is 717-497-0101