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  1. Hi Greg, This is just one of the many cars that have been resurrected literally from dust, as most of these cars were just left to rot and no one cared. In India now people have realised what they have and are trying to preserve our heritage(cars). These cars were mostly bought by Maharaj's, rich states and the elite back in the day. As the states lost their powers to the new formed government post independence, they could not afford to maintain them and keep them running. Including their palaces, art, jewellery etc. and eventually selling everything. We recently had found a skeleton of a 1947 Bristol 400 lying around in Mumbai and bought it back to life, we imported parts from all over the world Australia, England etc. And bought her back to its former glory. Do check the link posted below. https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/vintage-cars-classics-india/184111-1948-bristol-400-resurrection-against-all-odds.html
  2. This is how far gone the body was before it was restored....
  3. Hey Brian, thank you for all the feed back, much appreciated. You are right on all the points about the 80C & your eye has caught a lot more than i expected. And especially with the limited photos i posted. We will be going thru a chassis off detailed restoration and am hoping to get her back to as she was new...to the best of my abilities and resources. Thank you for sharing your contact will PM in a bit.
  4. As i mentioned to Matt up close the car looks nothing like it does in the pictures. Will try and upload more detailed pictures later. This car was sold new in India, its being restored in Mumbai. I will look up the Buick section on this forum. Many thanks for you input Walt.
  5. Oh ok then i will let those pass & thank you for Dave's contact, i will look up the forums and chat with them.
  6. Thank you Matt for your input, but up close the car is not what it looks like in the pictures. You are correct this is apparently one of 24 or 26 RHD cars built. The car was not damaged but very extensively corroded.
  7. Hi All, I am restoring a 1938 RM Streamline Phaeton 80C (RHD), this car was restored earlier by someone else but sadly it wasn't restored to well!! They have got all the proportions on the fenders, boot lid, and many other body contours totally wrong. As we don't have another similar 80C around for reference we are relying on manuals and photos, but i am not finding the info i have been looking for. So my starting point is to look for used fenders for the car. It would be great if you guys could help me with some information. Someone on Ebay is selling 4 fenders that have come off a 1938 Buick Century which look identical to the 80c's. Were the fenders same on both the Series 80 as well as the Century? As the wheel base is different on both the cars, being 122 inches on the Century and 133 inches on 80C. I have attached some pictures, you can clearly see the fender arches out of proportion, and the left rear fender is literally an inch shorter than the right one...