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  1. Thank you very much gentlemen. The second stop-action photo that Graham posted is the first time I notice the Landau Irons on the back quarter of the top. I was pretty sure on the time-frame for this video based on my Dad's apparent age. The car was probably new. It sure looks like new in the video. To 58L-Y8, needless to say based upon the video, my family has been coming to Oneida Lake for a long time. I'm the 3rd generation and there are two more now after me. My Grandfather was the Chief Signal Engineer for the NY Central RR. So, he rode free wherever he went. My Gr
  2. Hi. I'm a new member here and although I have an interest in antique automobiles, I don't own any myself. I am a member of the AMCA and have a small collection of antique bikes. I was at the NE Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY yesterday and the Franklin club happened to be there. They are who suggested I ask the group here to help identify the car in question. They thought it was a Hudson and I am now tending to agree. But there are a few details that don't seem to match Hudsons. The car is in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoXtA-5cFf0&t=28s
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