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  1. I have a set of cheap reproduction horns in my '47 Lincoln that create both electrical issues, as well as frustration. Not sure if anyone has a set (or can point me to a place) to get a pair of originals?
  2. Thanks Tom. Post on the early ford v8 forum, with get to the Old Ford Barn tonight... so are these worth keeping on the car? The spare is the original wire wheel so I was going to switch them out... value your thoughts on it.
  3. First, let me thank everyone for the help on my various other questions - this group has been really helpful. Back story; bought a 1934 Ford Roadster.. someplace in its history the 17” wire wheels were replaced with 15” wheels (I am going to rectify this over time). Three of the wheels had center caps and I figured I would just either buy one, or get 4 new... wow, bad assumption. I was told by a couple of Hub cap folks they have never seen this size with the clips mounted inside ... help/thoughts ?
  4. Taking a chance this is the right "era" to post this... picked this out of an elderly gentleman's estate.. I know it is a jack and tookset.. question is does anyone know what car? is this a dealer display piece or was this how they came (or did this guy mount them)?
  5. so the points had "fur ball size" oxidation on them.. cleaned, put back in.. starts on carb cleaner.. pushing my way back, onto the fuel pump/fuel line and i am going to clean/reseal the gas tank. Put a flashlight in the tank and there is some rust from it sitting with gas in it...
  6. funny story.. the lock on the rumble seat was stuck.. finally got it opened and a full set of curtains and the boot for the roof was in the foot well. So I am good. I still cant find the Wind Wing glass for the '34 Roadster. I have one.. and it is about 12" in length, all wind wing glass i can find online is about 16" which would not look right with the windshield size.
  7. Thanks... makes sense, they did have the side "wing like" windows that attached with the clips.. I have the clips but no glass for them --- Man, those side curtains are expensive!@
  8. I just acquired a '34 Roadster... it has the brackets to hold the side glass, but the glass is missing, suggestion on where i can get the two panes? also, the doors each have two hole-like receivers in them, what were they used for?
  9. Finally got to the distributor and it was a fur ball of oxidation... cleaning it up and will give it a shot this weekend. Took the generator off and the fan blade to get to it- seemed like the direct path.
  10. so.. it is a '48 v12 with "low milege"... He was looking for $1500 for the transmission and $7500 for the engine. I have no basis to know if that is high or a "great deal".. contact is Tom Trautwein.. tctrout@yahoo.com. It is sitting in Mamaroneck, NY.
  11. I stumbled upon a Lincoln v12 engine this week.. not sure if anyone is looking to re-build or part-out the power plant. I didnt get a price, it has been sitting for 20+ years but looked largely complete. If you have any interest, let me know and i will connect you with the owner. Serious inquiry only please - the "owner" is really a trustee trying to settle the estate for a family. Thanks
  12. Looking for some pearls of wisdom. I just picked up a 34.. looks like it rolled out of the show room... OD says 684 (and either it was disconnected or never driven). The undercarriage would say "never driven". I changed the plugs (the original plugs btw), changed the oil... new battery... put miracle oil in the cylinders and lets it sit for a couple days. I get a great crank, everything moving.. no spark. I can not figure out how to get to the points etc without removing the radiator.. is that REALLY the only way? any other suggestions?
  13. actually, GREAT advice.. thanks Larry. I have an oil leak from the container that the filter sits in anyway so need to see if I can fix that.. Appreciate all the help. I have a long list of things i need to address with her but at least having her on the road is a start!
  14. That is as far as it will go... think it should go down another 9 to 10 inches...
  15. There is no pushing it down... closes perfectly. Not sure if there is something binding that is keeping if from completing opening? Could I have too much hydraulic fluid in the reservoir? No real documentation on how much to put in so i added until I could see it in the "cup" on the side of it. Also, I am assuming it is a replacement top since there are no snaps along the bottom for a boot cover... unless some came without that option?
  16. worked great... thanks Tom! I question, the windows and top work but the top seems to stop going down about 4 or 5 inches from being complete. I have to check if it is binding on something just seems odd..
  17. Thank you everyone... Lincoln started! Think it was one of the grounds ... cleaned them up and it cranked right up. Appreciate the help.... drove it for about 10 miles, have some work to do with the clutch but all in all, great progress!
  18. thanks.. it has the original (big ugly cables and the braided ground)... I was going to try and disconnect the ground from the frame to see if there is something keeping it from grounding correctly.. I had the same problem with the original solenoid... new battery and put the meter on it... it is putting out 6 volts and i have 6 volts going into the solenoid.. I pulled the starter last night and the bushings "looked" fine and it was pretty clean...
  19. Me again... Trying to get the car started after sitting for 17 years. I did change the fluids, changed the plugs, changed the starter solenoid, soaked the cylinders... when i turn on the ignition I hear the gas pump humming, push the ignition and get 1 or 2 slow cranks.. then nothing. Just hear the click of the starter but nothing more... thoughts? I am out of ideas.
  20. Thanks Tom.. so your recommendation would be a hydraulic fluid then? and what is the best way to flush the system? I had planned to clean the reservoir with alcohol, not clear to me how to flush the rest of the lines...
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