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  1. I found a chassis number stamped on the last cross member at the back of the car. 7I078I4 , it looks like the "1's" are actually upper case "I"
  2. I will check where the 7814 is stamped but does have a Startix fitted on the firewall, it may not be connected, it has a start button on the inside floor, sorry don't know much about this vehicle at all. I will send some more pics tomorrow. It took me a long time to work out how to access this site again after I joined, so I apologise for the delayed response. The guy who sold it to me said it was one of 17 built for the Australian market , Right Hand Drive ( or New Zealand ?) I have found another example was used as a Taxi in northern New South Wales, Australia, but it went to a wreckers I think.
  3. I have a '36 President "extended" 8 seater that was used a 'bereavement vehicle' in Queensland many years ago. I am looking for other information as to where it was built or how many were built ? VIN 7814, Engine No. B20161, a straight 8. I would appreciate any information on this vehicle, thank you in advance. Yours Mick Dawson, Kurrajong Hills, New South Wales, Australia.