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  1. Yep that would be me......The box is on a six cylinder F head Willys engine in a 1954 Kaiser Darrin .....I had a 2 door 54 Kaiser and got it up and going ...then I took a 1954 Packard 327 nine main bearing Thunderbold straight eight and put a supercharger on it...Then I found a 49 Cadillac and supercharged that...and I just did a box for my Darrin that I have had since 1986....I put a blower on it 25 years ago and now with the pressure box it is running good and if you have any questions fell free to call me .....805-543-0754
  2. Great, keep looking for the crossmember and let me know when you find it and how many gold coins and jewels you need for them.....Thanks
  3. Anybody out there have a water pump for a 1933 Series 60 Buick with a 272 engine..????? Oil heat exchanger and trans rear cross member also ??? thanks Vern....
  4. HI there....Vern in San Luis Obispo Calif , just wondering if you still have any of the 1933 Buick parts shown ...I need the cross member and the oil heat exchanger...and the heat tube for the manifold.....I was with a friend looking at another car and the Buick said please bring me home and love me....and so I did and I do.......The engine is-was frozen and now it is almost ready to rotate.....if you have the pistons up out of the way you can turn the flywheel with one finger and thumb.....So there is hope. my email is vernludwick@att.net thanks , 1933 Buick 60 series
  5. Pulled it out, and stuffed it in. 331 and the blower , maybe 185 HP Just guessing...
  6. Was this what you were looking for ?? It came with a 3 speed LaSalle manual transmission , if you want to ask any questions feel free to call me 805-543-0754 ...Vern Ludwick
  7. Yep, here is my 331 with VS57 McCulloch supercharger....Vern in SLO
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