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  1. I'm a newer member but I wanted to ask if you ever sold the car? I have the same model (1919 Maxwell 25 Touring) and I have a lot of questions as I work to restore it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi friend - I'm actually looking to find out how many mounting holes there are inside the rim. Three of my wheels have 6 mounting holes and one of the wheels has 4. Can you tell me what you have on your car? Our two cars are very similar.
  3. Thanks for the correction Tinindian. Three of the wheels have 6 mounting holes in the felloes and one wheel has 4 mounting holes. Can someone tell me what might be model correct for a 1919 Touring Car?
  4. I have a 1919 Touring Car that I'm having restored and need your help. Three of the wheels have 6 mounting holes in the felloes and one wheel has 4 mounting holes. Does anyone know what might be model correct for that year/style. Might it have changed between model years?
  5. Hi Dave - thank you for this, and for sharing this great picture. Do you know if that car is still around? I'm going to have a lot of questions during the restoration process and it would be helpful to have someone to turn to. Thanks again. - Peter
  6. Hi friends- Pictures of the 1919 touring car seem to show the wheel rims in silver, but mine are silver on the front and black on the rear. Can someone let me know which is the correct factory color? I couldn't determine the answer from the dealer prestige sales brochure. Thanks!
  7. I agree that this is likely very early - and a great find! That step is a work of art. You might want to look around on autopaper.com to see if you can find pictures of the early Maxwell models. If they don't have what you're looking for on their website, you can message them through the site and ask them to check their inventory for specific things.
  8. I have a 1919 dealer manual with all of the specs for the touring car (and all of the other models they produced that year. If it's helpful, I can send you pictures of those pages. Here's what it says about the body: "The blue black finish is all paint and varnish - not baked enamel. We like to emphasize that point. The lustre has a depth and smoothness that can be acquired in no other way." Here's what it says about the wheels: "The more exposed sheet metal parts, such as the fenders, dust aprons and gas tank, are black enameled and the wheels are painted black, completing a harmonious color scheme that is very practical and durable without being somber."
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