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  1. I wondered about the cross and plaque, probably a memorial sight as you say. I came across a photo of an Opel truck that looks to have identical parts to at least some of the wreck, apart from the radiator being the same, the curved front axle bar can be seen on the floor just in front of it, but if the Opel truck was shaft driven rather than chain driven then there is clearly more than one vehicle present. Makes me wonder why there would be wrecked trucks in a memorial sight.
  2. Thanks for looking, I'm amazed how you managed to spot a chain sprocket!
  3. Thanks Tim. A friend of mine suggested an Opel, the radiator looks the same and the badge looks very close but he didn't think they were chain driven. I thought it was perhaps a 1915 Mack AB Truck as that was chain driven and had dual wheels but the radiator looks a lot more like an Opel truck and looking at a photo of a WW1 Opel I can also see dual wheels at the back. I'm happy to bow to your greater knowledge and take it as a Great War Opel Truck. Thanks for your help, I will pass it on the owner of the post card collection so he can catalogue it.
  4. Thank you for your help Jeff. That's brilliant! I didn't think anyone would even attempt to identify it with so little to go off and such a poor a photo. Amazing job! I was stuck on the usual suspects , Dodge, Buick or Cadillac but the radiator just didn't seem right for any of them. The Kissel looks right to me.
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can identify this car. The radiator shape looks very unusual. It came with a load of WW1 post cards so I'm assuming it's a car or ambulance dated between 1914 and 1918. Thanks for your help, Terry