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  1. In good to excellent condition. See the discussion, regarding it: $600 plus shipping (to be determined from So Oregon) Frank 541 292 9141
  2. Spinneyhill, Thank you, very much, that was a interesting read. I actually have a more modern OD trans. I have a '84 Corvette, with a Doug Nash, 4+2 transmission. It's a T10 BW, 4 speed with a OD unit. Frank
  3. Matt, thank you, very much. It keeps the OD from engaging, until a certain speed?
  4. Thank you, very much, Spinneyhill. My last question is, about the speedometer sending unit, it appears to be electric. I wasn't aware that they had electric sending unit, that early. Frank
  5. Thank you Roger, for the suggestion. This trans could be done with a early Ford adapter but, I can not find one for a SBF, only SBC (new or used) and used ones for Olds, Cad & Buick. I was supprized at that. I was hoping that Spinneyhill would get back to me, on the picture of the last casting numbers. I assume that the 11-20 is a date but, don't know about the other one. Frank
  6. If the car serial number matches the trans number, it falls into 1941.
  7. If it has a case number, it must be on the bottom and I can't get at it, right now. Here are the other numbers. Frank
  8. Ok, I got it cleaned up, enough to get more detail. The number on it is H121254* Does that make it 1941 and what does the star indicate? The number on the OD housing, seems to be 24400 and under that L144, what would that indicate? The Zephyr seems to have a very different clutch actuation, I've not seen anything like it.
  9. Give me a day or two and I'll get it cleaned up and offer any number that I find. Also, if you look at the clutch linkage, it appears it has some kind of auto-acting linkage.
  10. I have what I believe to be a Lincoln Zephyr OD trans. Am I right and did Ford offer it in any other marque? Also, I'd like to know the value, as I intend to sell it. Thank you, Frank