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  1. The 115 models had fixed grill slats. They are not thermostatically controlled. You have to move up to the 120 model to get that. Just an F.Y.I., the "Trippe Light" switch is located in the hole where the cigar lighter is supposed to be. Beautiful car. I love 1937 115 models. I've had three and I still have the same one for over 48 years. Good luck!
  2. In response to Steve_Mack_Ct…….the car IS on the road. Drive it as is or upgrade to your liking.
  3. It's comforting to know that there's someone out there, in down under land, who's old enough to remember Gary Puckett and The Union Gap. He was singing about a girl, not a car. Thanks for the chuckle.
  4. Yes, located in Whiting, Ocean County, NJ
  5. It could be. A lot can happen to a car in 83 years!
  6. Sorry folks. I forgot to put in the price. $8900 OBO.
  7. 1937 Packard Model 115C Touring Sedan. This is a one year only model with the 115 inch wheelbase, with the six cylinder engine. Rebuilt, correct replacement, 1937 flat head. Factory 3 speed floor shift. Original engine and trans available. Recent parts: all new brake shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, steel lines where needed. Brakes are factory Bendix hydraulics. No cables , except for emergency brake. Four inch white walls. Complete exhaust system. Charging system, lights, and horn work. New gas tank, rebuilt fuel pump. New wiring harness. All floors, including trunk, are solid. Original hubcaps and 16 inch trim rings. Interior is usable, but needs work. No headliner. Good wood. Tons of patina. This is an original, unmodified vehicle. It runs, drives, and stops. Please E-Mail me with any questions. wpereira38@comcast.net
  8. In reply to mercer09, Western Union is great if you are receiving funds; not if you are sending them.
  9. It has front suicide doors. That makes it a 1935 Model 120. If it has a molded, extended trunk, then it is correctly classified as a Touring Sedan. I realize this is an old ad, but I couldn't help myself.
  10. I'm so glad y'all are getting wise to this criminal!
  11. Yes, this is the same jerryz/ christophertyler818@gmail.com, that tried to sell a car to me that doesn't belong to him. Nice diligence on your part, sagefinds. We have to weed out these thieves.
  12. I know I'm not the only one being contacted by these crooks. Members need to report whoever is trying to rip them off. The more their names/E-Mail addresses are exposed, the better the chances are that we won't get scammed.
  13. I'm advertising for a WTB 1937 Packard 120 six wheeler nose, and I get a response from a guy whose E-Mail address is christophertyler@gmail.com. who supposedly lives in Florida. He is a "Newbie" on the A.A.C.A. site using the name jerryz. He says that he has what I want, in excellent condition, for $35,000, and that I should send the money thru an "account wire transfer", such as Western Union, and he wants my address. The price includes shipping. He sends a picture to me, below, of a 1937 Packard 120, without side mounts, which is actually being brokered by a company named Daniel Schmitt & Co., in St. Louis, Mo., for $37,500. The picture is right from a Hemmings ad. The car, obviously, doesn't belong to him. I don't know about his reading comprehension skills. I don't want a complete car, unless it's significantly less than $35,000. I called him out on it and told him that I knew who really owned the car. I asked him to explain himself, and I haven't heard back from him. There seems to be no shortage of scammers. I also told him that if I am wrong about him, I would be happy to apologize. I don't think that's going to happen. Just an F.Y.I.