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  1. Havr owned my 47 monarch Canadian made for a!most two years and I have put amost three thousand miles on it looking forward to to an early summer and more rides
  2. The hubcap is for a 1947 monarch built in Canada
  3. For thought jobs try any aluminum may cleaned rub a bit on and a squirt of wd40 . Lots of rags and elbow grease won't hurt
  4. It's a speed handle up here in Canada as well . Still have and use mine
  5. I had a two door six cylinder version same car loved it and still do I guess
  6. Just got it last year with 26000 miles all original except for paint about fourth years old and new tires .Still getting to know it , just turned 29000 so yeah we do drive it
  7. Hello from east coast Canada .I have a 1947 Monarch (built in Canada) all original except for paint which was done 40 years ago. Got the car last year with 26000 miles . Great site.
  8. I had a two door silver streak also a 48 six cylinder loved that car . Hope you have as much fun as I did
  9. Looks like George Jetson got his wife a new car
  10. I have a 1947 monarch with 28000 original miles . Got the car last year with 26000 . The car was painted approximately 40 years ago and was used very little till we got it .