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  1. Hello all i want to buff the chrome of my rocker covers, but in true Canadian form, Napa no longer carries the replacement gaskets. they actually look to be rubber on my engine. Would I need to replace them if I removed the covers? could I buy a sheet of cork gasket and make my own? Quarantined minds want to know! thanks Tim
  2. Needs a repaint and Chrome is severely pitted
  3. Balls! thanks for the answer. I suppose it gives me more things to do, now that I’m stuck at home....
  4. Trying to remove the vents but, after removing the three small screws and the washer nozzle hose, the vent still will not budge. anyone know the secret? i don’t want to force it and break something thanks tim
  5. It’s alive! i rethreaded the port on the housing and put on a flare nut that works with the stove pipe bolt. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. Tab says 3665. Stamp says A9B 3665S its a 64 riv without AC how does the stove pipe hose attach to the exhaust manifold? ill hafto disconnect it so I can remove the nut and reflair the end
  7. So I was installing my freshly rebuilt carb on my 64 Riv when I accidentally overtightened a nut and broke off the threaded part. See before the rebuild pic and after the rebuild with broken threaded part. What is this part and is there a fix or do I hafto replace the whole piece?
  8. I think it’s wired backwards. Is is it green left, black right? it was clicking when I pushed the horn button on steering wheel...
  9. I’ve Just got the riv back from the mechanic, he replaced the tire rod ends in the ball joints and now the centre link seems pretty solid. thanks for the offer tho
  10. Thanks Jframe i just ordered springs from Coil Spring Specialties
  11. So... it seems that there is only front springs available for my 1964 Riviera. Anyone have a source for rears? Also looks like the centre link isn’t available... just rebuildable The $fun$ continues!
  12. Confirmed. Kinda useless but confirmed
  13. I was crawling under the dash today and noticed a second foot switch (circled red) i know the one on the left is the high beam switch. Any idea?
  14. Can anyone identify what the red and yellow wire is for? theres no wires close to it with that kind of plug
  15. Yep. Looks like the steering wheel button. I suppose I need the special puller to get the wheel off
  16. I’ve been using Marvel Mystery Oil in my 47 Plymouth for years. A little in the fuel and a quart in the engine with the regular oil really helps keep the old components running smoothly. Now Im wondering if anyone is using it in their 1963-5 Rivieras
  17. Horns work with 12v put to them. Installed a new horn relay and it does not click when horn button pushed. Arrg
  18. Replaced the horn relay, horn still doesn’t work. Any ideas where to troubleshoot? 64 Riviera thanks
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