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  1. Will they be available at the library book sale on Tuesday?
  2. There are not many organizations where the members make a suggestion, and the CEO replies, within hours. Thanks, Steve
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Good ideas all. If HE&R contracts with the food vendors, at least make them aware of our concerns. There is a lot of gray (or white, or no) hair among the AACA members, and we want to keep them coming to Hershey and other shows.
  4. This will be my 30 year anniversary for attending the meet. That necessarily means I am 30 years older than when I started. it would improve the experience for us seniors if there were a place to sit down and rest. In the flea market, except for curbs and a few walls, there are few places to sit. A few food vendors have picnic tables, and I usually get food there and tell them that I am buying from them because I can sit down. On the show field there are no curbs or walls. It would not be hard to require food vendors to have some seating. It might be more of a problem in t
  5. Hershey #30 for me. I saw something earlier this spring about the Tuesday of Hershey week. In the past it has been listed as a vendor set-up day, but I seen to recall seeing something about being a regular day for spectators, too. HERCO started charging for parking a year or two ago. I try to get a program on Tuesday to plan my vendor visits, especially since Red Field South is closed and vendors moved. What is the official status of Tuesday besides the Library book sale?
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