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  1. Looks to me like post war...same as on my 1949/50 type 135 with bodywork by Guillore. Rear bumper is 3 piece with cast bronze over-riders. 2 pieces are front with sheet metal filler pieces. Hubcaps are for the pressed metal wheels (not the knock-on wires) and should be worth $100 each. Grill is narrower version (late forties to early fifties) and depending on condition is worth up to $1000
  2. I have a Delahaye 135m similar to the one shown in pic by "Old Car"...a 1950 with "Pontoon" style body by coachbuilder "Guillore". A long running restoration project since 1969! I have bought some parts through Leboncoin and yes, you generally have to speak some French. Parts are very hard to come by and can be horrendously expensive. I have this car to running stage but need to have about half the body remade as it is rusted out....then a complete retrim. (Australia got about 10 of these cars after an ex Le Mans 135MS won the Australian Grand Prix in 1949.) So am probably looking at about $8
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