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  1. Looks to me like post war...same as on my 1949/50 type 135 with bodywork by Guillore. Rear bumper is 3 piece with cast bronze over-riders. 2 pieces are front with sheet metal filler pieces. Hubcaps are for the pressed metal wheels (not the knock-on wires) and should be worth $100 each. Grill is narrower version (late forties to early fifties) and depending on condition is worth up to $1000
  2. I have a Delahaye 135m similar to the one shown in pic by "Old Car"...a 1950 with "Pontoon" style body by coachbuilder "Guillore". A long running restoration project since 1969! I have bought some parts through Leboncoin and yes, you generally have to speak some French. Parts are very hard to come by and can be horrendously expensive. I have this car to running stage but need to have about half the body remade as it is rusted out....then a complete retrim. (Australia got about 10 of these cars after an ex Le Mans 135MS won the Australian Grand Prix in 1949.) So am probably looking at about $80k to finish! If you are hoping to pick up a cheap car somewhere and restore it on a budget, I suggest you consider something different. Bear in mind that only 2200 cars were built between 1934 and 1954 and there were about 1000 body styles from 100 coachbuilders...so not many spare parts and no panelwork. Also, the Yanks love them and can outbid you big time. Regards, Jamo (South Gippsland, Vic) Update...just found my receipt from Bernie dated 22/3/1969 so definitely was his car!