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  1. Thanks Joern! It was great meeting you and sharing stories. Thanks so much for all the knowledge you shared and the great advice. Looking forward to working on my wagon and getting to know other members. Thanks again! Sonny
  2. I purchased this car from the dealer in South Carolina in March of this year (2019). My Dad had one identical to it when I was 10, and I always remembered that car. I've had many station wagons through the years, so this wasn't an unusual choice. I had it gone through at the shop I go to. They are old Buick people that I've known for almost 50 years. After some routine maintenance and a search for a NOS or rebuilt wiper motor, it's running well and is a blast to drive. In the process of removing trim then having the car repainted the original Arctic White. The chrome is in incredible shape and the car is straight and rust free. The interior is in decent condition for a 55 year old car but still needs work. It has the great "western" interior. The carpet is shot and the front seat needs to be "rebuilt " and reupholstered. If I could locate an old Sear's catalog, I'd use it to sit on. I've located NOS interior at SMS interior. The dash is in great shape. I'm not doing a show car restoration, but I'm trying to keep everything as original and correct as possible. I'm sure I'll have questions for you as I go along. Sonny Butler Virginia Beach, VA
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