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  1. Thanks Richbad. I remember now I used to work on boats in high school job. We used it around the propeller shaft. I really appreciate your advice. Very helpful.
  2. Hello again everyone. Working on this ole carriage again. The shaft for the pinion gear on the carb for the choke was frozen. It's apart now. The sticky stringy material that is around the shaft didn't come with the gasket set. I came across this stuff in the military but can't remember what it's called. And worse than that if I get the material I'm not sure how to install it properly. Can I reuse the existing? Seems I would have to if I were stuck. Any how to tips would be very appreciated.
  3. Hello my name is Dan I have a 1925 Buisness coupe. The thing is in good shape but it seems that the shaft on the carb where the choke cable attaches is frozen. I took it apart and there is a stringy sticky sealant material. I've came across this on older military vehicles but I can't seem to remember what it's called. And more important I don't know how to replace it. Can I reuse the stuff that was taken out?
  4. That's what i thought. Thanks spinnyhill. I'm new to this old car and trying to sort it out.
  5. Can anyone tell me what this valve is? I was looking in the book and was unable to find it.
  6. Copy that. Thanks. Don't drop anything! Got it. Thanks for the warning.
  7. I think That I can do this. Just looking for tips from people that have done it before. Cause I haven't.
  8. Yes it is. Thanks for your response.
  9. I do have a mechanics manual instruction manual. It has alot of good info but it is an aftermarket one and it's limited. Looks like a lock nut that maybe needs a punch and possibly a spanner wrench. I got some patients So there's no hurry. I do admit that I'm lost on the new cars and the really old ones. That's why I'm on this forum.
  10. No I'm getting ready to remove the starter/gen To have it rebuilt. Any tips on removal and install appreciated . thanks again for all the replies.
  11. I really appreciate your help and input. Thank you much.