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  1. Well thank all of you for the advice,I now have some direction on this.if I have any other questions I will ask here.
  2. I hear you Padgett,however a factory is only a parts wear house until the the assembly line fires up.
  3. I have a couple more picks but it says that they are too big to posts and I’m having trouble making it work so give me some time on that.someone asked what area I’m in-south Texas ,someone mentioned titles,I have them that is where I am getting the year from.
  4. Ok guys, Thanks for all of the good advice.I have been digging out the TR3 and in doing so I am starting to find some surface rust in places and some significant rust in the dash area.for whatever reason the car was partially disassembled and a work bench built over and around it so it is hard to see much.i think I have the windshield assembly,some dash parts,a hard top,and I think all of the fenders in the loft above the cars.the car is sitting on regular rims and tires however I do have a full set of spoke rims including the spare.i need to get the reo gone first so I have space to ge
  5. They are not running,don’t know when the last time they ran.
  6. Thanks for the advice,I need to dig the TR3 out to get some picks.
  7. Hey guys, My dad inherited some old cars and he asked me to sell them for him.One is a 1958 Triumph TR3 and the other is a 1929 REO.Nether have had any restoration done to them but have been in storage sense the 70s.The tr3 has no visible rust and seems to be complete with no alterations.The RIO has significant rust in some places and nearly complete.My biggest issue is I’m just a tractor tech and I have no idea what these cars are worth to someone wanting to restore them.If anyone can help me figure out a realistic base value for them or point me in the right direction in doing so I w
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