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  1. Here's the thing...I'm working from home for the time being and I didn't say I'd use an old car for a daily driver. Maybe once a week. But if I had the old classic, it seems a waste of money to be forced to own a newer car as well (just because insurance demands it).
  2. You have to have any car you drive insured, and most regular insurance companies won't handle cars pre-1981/1982 (maybe expect for Geico), and even the classic insurance companies mandate that you have another car to use...same goes for anyone in your household. Am I then to assume no one can own like a 60s/70s car without owning a second car?
  3. I can't seem to find any garages that work on classics cars in Essex county. If you know any in Essex or surrounding counties, let me know.
  4. Do all old cars need leaded gas btw? When I met with the guy, he said I need to pour some in every now and then. He also said it takes super gas, the most expensive. Why not regular?
  5. The bad thing about Craigslist is that you can't, usually, have the car inspected. I emailed a few sellers and they told me they wouldn't allow that. Also don't have the money to fly out to wherever the car is located. So I would prefer either a trustworthy dealership or something within driving distance.
  6. The guy's house is also for sale. It's clear he wants to sell the car soon, as is, before he moves,. He decided to keep his '66 Firebird however. He says when he needs repairs, he takes it to a mechanic. So obviously he doesn't know too much about technical stuff. I just want to know if it's even worth inspecting given the problems he listed.
  7. One in the picture is the rare Cobra Jet XR-7 https://www.americanmusclecarmuseum.com/mercury-vehicles/110-1971-mercury-cougar-xr7-429-cobra-jet.html I had found one almost identical to it in Pennsylvania...great price, great condition, great look. And within driving distance. But lady luck was not kind to me as someone flew in from Ohio and bought it. Hope it wasn't someone here! If it was, it's my fault though since I posted a thread about it, with a Craigslist link that had just been listed a few days prior.
  8. Yeah, that's the thing...want to own an old car but I know somewhere down the line it will need repairs. Parts obviously will get harder and harder to find. That's why this guy ought to sell the car for way less with problems he's described. Though many a time guys oversell their car just because there's nothing wrong with it. For $16,500 I expected the car to be in tip-top shape. A mechanic I was just on the phone with also told me Cougars of that era are rare, and parts would be hard to find or plain expensive. Is that true for most classics? Was/Is the Oldsmobile Cutlass a rarer car than the Mercury Cougar? That's another model I'm particularly fond of. Guy also told me the odometers didn't have a sixth digit. So if it went over 100,000 miles, it would reset. The odometer on the car I'm looking at is 44,000 miles with original engine, but it could be 144,000.
  9. I'm afraid not. Do pre-purchase inspections really charge that much?
  10. On the price guide you linked me before, it goes: $1150, $3450, $5750, $12940, $20140, $28750 Hagerty reports average value of $20,900. Excellent: $29,800. Good: $20,900. Fair: $15,200 Which is more accurate?
  11. I would have to take it to a mechanic.
  12. He says he has owned it for 12 years and has only driven it to car shows. Kept in a garage. I asked him if the heat works and he said he has no idea. I would think someone selling a car would bother to check that out before buyers show up.
  13. I was considering this 1969 Mercury Cougar for $16,500. But there seems to be two main problems....guy told me there's apparently a small transmission leak and the radio could somehow be draining the battery. A friend told me it may be minor but it could also mean that the whole wiring system would have to be replaced. Also the left windshield wiper doesn't work. Even if an inspection report came back with comparatively minor issues...do you think it would be worth that price? Everything else seems to be in order.
  14. Has anyone been to the Mecum auction in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? Are they one of the better auctions?
  15. How dumb do these guys think people are? https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/cto/d/monsey-1970-cutlass-supreme/6931063127.html "Mint condition...no rust". Only thing not rusted is the seats.
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