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  1. Hello from Australia. First time on the forum, looking for some help with my father's pride and joy. Recently his 1929 Chrysler with a Flathead 6 has become undrivable. Starts and idles just fine, he gets it going and into top gear just fine, but as soon as he comes to a hill, there's a backfire under throttle that ends up making the vehicle die and results in a tow home. Thinks we've tried: - Plugs cleaned and Gapped correctly. - Distributor thouroughly cleaned and checked for wear. - Points checked. - Leads are good. - Tried a spare Distributor and Coil with no difference. - Carby dismantled and rebuilt, everything adjusted correctly. Now everything I've mentioned was done by my father whom is by no means a mechanic, but very experienced, just not so with Pre-war stuff. Anything not listed we've not tried. He's talking stripping the motor to check the timing gear that he believes is the culprit, I'm not so sure. Thank you all in advance, I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of this gremlin soon and get dad back in his pride and joy. Cheers, Jarrod.