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  1. 99% better than going to a casino in my experience.
  2. We drive our cars but if I was ever to haul them it would be with a new Ram truck. When we ran our 69 Dart drag car we towed that open trailer with a 71 Dodge truck to be period correct.
  3. Great that you got your old car back! Neat car too!
  4. My brother has a 68 and 69 Impala for sale, possibly a Catalina too.
  5. They seem like fun, I will eventually go to one. It is amazing though when watching one of the bigger auctions on TV how many cars have tail lights/brake lights not working properly. For some of the prices paid you should not have to chase down wiring problems.
  6. This was our white 65 Buick GS. Good shot Annie!
  7. Do your research first. Sometimes “free” is too much if a project needs everything. For a solid, complete non running body maybe a few hundred dollars is a fair price. Good luck!
  8. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I couldn’t agree more about how great the Power Tour is. We have done 13 of them with 10 Long Hauls. We are in the white 65 Gran Sport in your Indy coverage.