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  1. I saw that on another site and plan to be there with camera!
  2. My guess is if you drove that you’d probably make some of the magazine coverage.😀
  3. The dates and venues for the 2020 Hot Rod Power Tour have been announced. If you like cars, car people, and driving your car this is a highly recommended event. We have driven on 13 Power Tours and it’s a great way to see Americana at its finest cruising through all the small towns on the route. You don’t have to run the entire Tour. We are all set and have rooms booked. We plan to drive a 1966 Buick Skylark Gran Sport. Who else is going?
  4. The wheels on the 65 are 17” Cragars. First time ever for me to buy wheels over 15”, but glad I did. I like them on there although I wouldn’t go larger. That’s a great looking Riv!
  5. Not as fast as the later models but here are our 65 and 66 Gran Sports. Both have been on the Hot Rod Power Tour.
  6. 99% better than going to a casino in my experience.
  7. We drive our cars but if I was ever to haul them it would be with a new Ram truck. When we ran our 69 Dart drag car we towed that open trailer with a 71 Dodge truck to be period correct.
  8. Great that you got your old car back! Neat car too!
  9. My brother has a 68 and 69 Impala for sale, possibly a Catalina too.
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