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  1. Growing up as kid on a small dairy farm, we didn't have shop, per say. We fixed stuff right where it broke, or under cover in a pole shed with dirt/gravel floor. In the Winter, add the outside temp to the equation. I always told myself, when get old I'm not working on stuff in these conditions....
  2. Just want to take a moment to say "Thanks" to everyone who bought parts from me. Everyone I dealt with on this forum was professional, courteous and easy to work with. I really wish I had nice, running 1st gen Riviera so I could be a more involved member...maybe someday down the road. There is ton of knowledge in the collective group on this board, not only in terms of Riviera knowledge but also general automotive knowledge. I'll continue to stop in and read the forum just to pick up more general auto knowledge. I'm about ready to close the book on this project. The only parts left are the Posi rear-end (drum to drum) and the bare frame with front suspension. @Riviera63 bought the remaining inventory of parts from my car. Contact him with your parts needs. While selling Riviera parts I also found time to get the motor ready for the '69 Firebird convertible... Thanks again everyone! David
  3. Do you see the problems more in their ignition boxes or in their distributors?
  4. So on a somewhat related note, does anybody have any pros/cons on MSD's Ready-to-run distributors? I'm running 2 of them with no issues in my SBC's. I was thinking of just putting in a pertronix unit in the '71 Pontiac 400 i'm working on. Is there real value in putting in pertronix in a 50 year old distributor with 96,000 miles? Is the smarter money to spend a little more and have an all new MSD electronic distributor?
  5. Got your PM. I'll dig into those items today and get back to you. David
  6. Ed, $15 sounds good. I'll contact you after i get the shipping costs. The tail lights have pitting on them David
  7. Time to move out these 1964 Riv parts to people who can use them. Make a reasonable offer. Actual UPS shipping costs will be added on. If you don't see what you need, let me know as it may be on a shelf some where if I have't sold it. In addition to to what you see below, I still have: Front brake drums Rear springs Rear control arms Interior door panels (front and rear) Drive shaft(s) Solid frame Console Headlight bezels Shoot me a PM with an offer on anything that you can use. Those dust caps and castle nuts are exquisite as I glass beaded them in the blast cabinet. Exhaust manifold still has the air tube attached. Thanks, David
  8. Here's what I pulled of my '64 this afternoon if this helps for reference.
  9. Art, There is another little splash piece not shown in this picture that uses 3 of the same clips. Everyone, I just went and pulled all the original clips and splash pieces off my '64 Riv I've been parting out. They are for sale if anyone is interested in them...shoot me a pm. I'll try and post pictures of them later this evening. David
  10. On the topic of door switches, these are the ones from the '64 Riviera I'm parting out. I do not know if the work or not. There are no tears in the rubber. If these can help you out, shoot me a PM with a reasonable offer. David
  11. @jdj5000 Please check your PM. Thanks, David.
  12. Bill, Was good to meet you and thanks for kind words. Hopefully we can meet again at Iola next year. David
  13. Halloween Sale. Hood spear described above is now $30 plus actual shipping cost.
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