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  1. Latest video is now out! This episode shows the final strip down and restoration of all the rear axle components.
  2. I've been doing an almost unhealthy amount of digging into the old girl's history and have been following a lot of leads and speaking to a lot of people who knew the truck over the years. It is possible I might track something down one day, and that really would be exciting!
  3. Thank you. I was concerned at first, but have now fixed it. I figured a few things, a lot of that tube is still at full thickness, so chances of it failing are slim, also, given the way the suspension is set up, should it actually fail, I think I'd survive! You'll see in the next video that I actually went to town on the welding and filled all of those pits right back up to surface level, it welds surprisingly well once heated up. The pits have really steep walls, so even though there we a few holes, it wasn't at all far away from full thickness metal. I'd certainly consider replacing it with
  4. It's that time again! This time, tearing the rear axle apart!
  5. Thanks Tom. I would definitely have seen them. I looked absolutely everywhere and couldn't see anything at all.
  6. Part 2 is finally here! Chassis gets completed!
  7. Latest video is now out!! Finally getting this chassis sorted out!
  8. I do believe I've located the van you mentioned Colin. Also one of its previous owners, also a Colin! You can clearly see the number plate 'DG' and 'Enfield' printed on the side panel.
  9. Colin, I don't suppose you've had any joy with the photos and previous owner at all have you? I've also sent you a private message. Regards, Henry
  10. I’m not entirely sure what you mean there but I don’t have a heater in my truck. Don’t think there is any mention of that option in the book either. Yeah, the steering was really tight in there. When I first got the thing running I remember trying to get the oil pump to prime and I couldn’t access it or remove the steering. Not sure either can be removed without actually removing the engine first.
  11. I'm going to attach those two engine shots, but at much higher quality so you can zoom in on them for more detail.
  12. Mine is actually a ‘31 which makes the story behind where the book came from even more interesting! It has some stamps and names that I removed which are from different garages and people than the one it was sold from... But yes, maybe a 15 Cwts and higher thing for the horn.
  13. That’s interesting. I do, however, have a spanner to throw in the works and that is from ArticiferTom who’s US UF-10 pickup has the same horn as mine and the book.
  14. So is that not on any of the US trucks then? It’s not on mine either.
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