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  1. For any future researchers for whom this topic is of interest, I post the following information I had subsequently discovered: **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** HQ at VCC of GB <hq@vccofgb.co.uk> To: 'Andre ROUSSEAU' 16 Jul at 11:29 PM Dear Mr Rousseau Some Brass Zenith Carburettors have the UK patent numbers 6656/07 and 7736/07 cast in to their flo
  2. Dear 30DodgePanel, Thanks so much for that. I have previously delved into GOOGLE's Patent database and I've dredged up many of Baverey's patents which your links provide. The difficulty is knowing which two to pick! (it's for a 1/2 scale ENV aero-engine) since for historical fidelity it needs to be accurate. It still seems that the only way to nail it is to find someone who can physically look at the actual ZENITH carb. It's early days so the flame of hope still burns bright! Thanks again, Cheers.
  3. Pre-1915 ZENITH Carburettors:- Can anyone help? I am trying to discover the 2 patent numbers cast into the top cover of the float bowl of these carburettors. Does anyone have one they could take a look at for me or else who has pictures that clearly display them? Thanks in advance for your help.
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