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  1. That`s right this part is from the firewall, inside of the doors have the same color and there paint is missing on the exterior it looks like the same color below. It`s repainted with a brighter color and I miss the plate with Trim codes
  2. A little tip about Tartan interior see:
  3. Can´t find this color on the colorchart a little more beige and shiny in reality...any ideas ?
  4. I´ll be back with complete info
  5. Hi Jack, Sorry for mixing my answers 🙂 3 of my Grille/Fender Whiskers are broken (not to rechrome) 1 Rocker Panel Trim has Drill Holes and some of the stainless have a lot of small dents Kind Regards Tomas
  6. Anyone that have Mix-codes for Catalina-Tan 1948 ? also looking for some Chrome/stainless parts (for exsample Grill whispers.......Chrysler 1948) Sweden
  7. I Have a 1948 Windsor Highlander conv And I only have one Tag on the fire wall that says Body Number 544 10642 And the VIN tag on the left door pillar 70683774 I guess I can`t use this to get color code and so on . Tomas
  8. Find the serial number on the door frame On the firewall is only the Body number 544 10642
  9. Where do I find the Body Tag on Chrysler 1948 ? Kind Regards Tomas
  10. Can anyone help me to find there the Body Tag is on a Chrysler Windsor 1948 ? Kind regards Tomas